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February 06, 2006

BBC "journalism" Part 2 (of many)

I've finally worked out why all BBC writing looks childish, even when dealing with serious subject matter.

It's all in the way they split every single sentence into a separate paragraph.

Thus, they split up the text and make it difficult to read.

Not only this, but they destroy any logical paragraph structure from the writing.

Even I was taught that structure is the basis of a good essay.

Right, I've got to stop this now. It really is hard to maintain a continuous reasoned point when you separate it out every sentence. Sounds just like the BBC, then.


  • I have always assumed that the BBC news reports are broken up into paragraphs like that because it doesn't have print journalists, just people who transcribe spoken reports.

    I actually think that this format allows for easy skim-reading; this suits me very well, since I don't have time to read everything and want to get the overview first.

    Longer paragraphs would make it harder to get the gist without reading everything in detail (and by the sounds of things you don't appreciate the objective, well-informed, intelligent news articles that the BBC produces, so would be unlikely to want to read them in detail anyway!)

    By Anonymous Oliver Hall, at 5:48 pm  

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