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April 13, 2006


The Euston Manifesto throws in a paragraph about Open-Source Software.
As part of the free exchange of ideas and in the interests of encouraging joint intellectual endeavour, we support the open development of software and other creative works and oppose the patenting of genes, algorithms and facts of nature. We oppose the retrospective extension of intellectual property laws in the financial interests of corporate copyright holders.

I agree with this, especially with the complaints about intellectual property laws which inspire Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems. But I still remain to be convinced that open-source is a good way to design large systems. Large systems require careful management, and I'm yet to be convinced that that's always achievable in the open-source environment.

I look forward to people's attempts to convince me.

Hopefully I'll be able to discuss the manifesto more thoroughly when I've had time to digest it. The main problem with it is how to actually go about accompishing the aims.


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