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April 13, 2006

What a load of old cobblers

This chap has finally gone totally bonkers. Here's a sample:
Acknowledge the math below or go to hell.
4 Day Cube disproves 1 Day God.
4 Day math condemns 1 Day fools.
These 4 absolute simultaneous days PROVES the
1 day god, 1day academia, 1 day religion and the
1 day media to be erroneous, fictitious and evil lies.
Education equates to a mass icepick lobotomy -
destroying the mind's ability to think as opposites.
Adam and Eve were created at the same time,
but sexless. A rib was removed from eve and
a hole left to make a woman of her. The rib
was stuck on Adam to make a man of him -
and Eve is still trying to get her rib back.

Epic stuff. Try and read a little, if you can get past the enormous text size.


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