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June 21, 2005

100,000 Deaths in Iraq!!! Kill the Government!!! Kill Bush!!!

OK, let's just gather our breath for one second here. 100,000 people? That's a lot. I wonder where it came from? According to Anthony Cox at Black Triangle, it comes from the Lancet, an established medical journal. So it must be true!!! Kill the Government!!!

Hmm. Let's have a look at the report itself.

Findings We estimate that 98000 more deaths than expected (8000-194000) happened after the invasion outside of Falluja ...

So that's a confidence interval of 8000 - 194000, which is quite a large gap. I make it 1.4 orders of magnitude! The figure of 98000 deaths could in fact be quite a lot lower (or indeed higher).

So there we are, another myth debunked by statistics.

June 13, 2005

Jacko Walks-o

It turns out the Michael Jackson was innocent after all.

Hmm, I don't exactly believe that statement, but it's certainly true that a jury has judged him not guilty of child molestation. Could this be because there was very little evidence against him, and that all the witnesses were there for the money? Probably.

It's nice to know that being weird doesn't make you a criminal. There's hope for us yet ;-)

I'm looking forward to the protests, and all the people who say "But he's SO guilty!" I'm afraid bad publicity doesn't make you a child molester.